Since medieval times it was understood that diseases were caused by breathing in poisonous vapour or odour from rotting organic matter. The belief was formulated in miasma theory, and spread to include celestial phenomena and weather, as a cause for pandemics.

In the course of time it was established that the bad air of decomposing organics was not a cause of harm to our physical health. It was, along with the discovery of bacteria, the basis for improved hygiene which led to a better quality of living. Natural phenomena and atmospheric states were strongly believed to have superpowers in controlling our health, a notion which emphasises that nothing is constant and that perception can be unreliable.

This work considers recent political events and suggests the possibility that the current unpleasant atmosphere is caused by miasma hovering above. This affects us politically, socially and environmentally rather than just physically. Using the miasma theory, this work investigates the causes of intolerance within our society and is a satirical pseudo-scientific attempt to solve the problem.